I'm Heather Hanselmann and I am the artist behind Fezz & Hazel. If you haven't heard about how I get into floristry I will let you know it was a total accident! My wonderful flower journey started over a conversation with my best friend about her wedding. The moment I blurted out, "I'll do your flowers!" I immediately thought, "Why did I just say that?!" It is the happiest accident of my life and now I get to bring joy to so many couples' lives. 

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 I'm not really sure where this desire came from as I did not really have anyone in my family with a "green thumb" but ever since I was young, I yearned to be around plants - especially those that flowered. As I have gotten older I have had beautiful gardens at all of my homes, a vast collection of indoor plants, and I insist on fresh flowers in the house as often as possible. I believe they bring an energy into a space like nothing else can. They set the stage for any occasion and the ambiance you want your guests to experience. Imagine when you enter a beautiful restaurant for the first time: If the atmosphere moves you, it enhances and elevates your dining experience. That's my motivation and goal for every client.  

Designing with flowers has been something that has followed me throughout my life without realizing it until after I became a florist. When I was young, my mother had a large Lilac tree that grew next to our home in the backyard. It would bloom every other year. I think that tree is the reason why purple is my favorite color as the blooms where the perfect shade. When it bloomed, it would fill the house with its beautiful scent. I would go out onto our deck and cut branches to bring inside to enjoy. I loved the multibloom stems with their delicate lavender blooms that smelled so sweet. I also loved to garden and would often drag my mother outside to plant annuals in our beds. Looking back, this is where my love of flowers grew. 

Elsie De Wolfe

ā€œiā€™m going to make everything around me beautiful & that will be my life.ā€


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