Hannah + Josh; A Spring Inspired August Wedding

September 15, 2021

As we approach the 2-year mark of living in a pandemic, I think about how brave and resilient so many of my clients are because they choose to celebrate their love despite the challenges they have been presented with. Hannah and Josh are a perfect example of that, as they were one of my couples affected by COVID-19 in 2020. Originally they had planned a beautiful day in May of 2020, but as the pandemic continued to progress and we went into lockdown, it became apparent that their wedding wasn’t going to happen as planned. Despite this, they pushed through those challenges. As so many couples did, they decided to get married on their original date in May in an intimate ceremony with their parents present. They chose to push back their big celebration and make it an August wedding and still have their ceremony and reception as originally planned.

This change did present a bit of a design challenge for me as we had designed everything around Spring. Nevertheless, I made the appropriate changes while maintaining the original color palette and the Spring aesthetic we were going for. We wanted to make sure their wedding was unique to them so we planned for more natural garden style centerpieces and avoided using snowball hydrangea which would have made the tall centerpieces a little too perfectly round. You can read more about my feelings about this style here. If you live in Ohio, August is a steamy, humid, hot month full of the sun and pop-up showers, which is a little different from the cool mild temperatures and rain we see in May. Hannah and Josh’s date lived up to its reputation as it was very hot that day and a sudden rain shower popped up as their ceremony was supposed to be happening. Everyone waited under the covered patio or inside the venue until it passed and then set to work wiping down guest chairs, clearing water off of the aisle, adjusting the floral that blew off the wooden cross backdrop, and setting out the white pedestals with urn arrangements on top. As guests were moving out to the ceremony to be seated, the humidity and heat increased from the recent rain, and it was hot! Luckily Hannah and Josh prepared for this as their guests had fans to use during the ceremony.

Despite these challenges, their day was absolutely amazing and filled with love and joy! I loved seeing how excited everyone was and how much support Hannah and Josh from their loved ones. There were little pieces in the details of their day everywhere where someone closest to them pitched in or made something beautiful to symbolize their union. My favorite part of the reception was the display of wedding gowns from each generation in the family accompanied by the wedding photo of each of the brides. I’m a sucker for anything sentimental, and I think this was the biggest display of love within the family and how important they all are to each other. To this day, I am lucky enough to share a bond with Hannah as she now makes her way into the floral world herself! It’s pretty awesome how weddings create connections for a lifetime with so many amazing people, and I love that I got to be a part of Hannah and Josh’s amazing love story! You can read more about Hannah and Josh’s wedding in Columbus Wedding Magazine’s feature here.

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