Wedding Flowers Cost; 3 Ways I Protect Clients From Increases

September 1, 2021

Wedding flowers cost is one of the biggest “unknowns” for couples interviewing florists for their weddings. Almost every couple I have talked to has no clue how much they should budget for their flowers, and I am often asked how much specific items are, like bouquets, centerpieces, arches, etc. Here is the most important thing you need to know about floral; There is no set pricing. Most florists know their average prices for certain items like a bridal bouquet, compote style centerpieces, etc., but this is the average price. Depending on the types of blooms and foliages used, the prices can change along with how big or small certain pieces are scaled to. So I want to share with you the three ways I protect my clients from price increases.

A big bunch of lavender spring phlox.
  1. I do not itemize my initial floral design proposals. When I do an initial proposal I focus on pricing out what the client has requested if they do not have a specific budget or I aim to be within the budget they have told me during our initial phone call. I give examples of each item that is requested, a description of the item, and then the amount of what the wedding flowers will cost for the overall design in the proposal. This allows me flexibility on the back end to make changes as needed when it is time to order in the flowers so that I can stay within the budget on the proposal. I will take requests for specific flowers of course but having flexibility with ordering floral will make sure we do not have additional price increases bec ause we have to order the exact flowers and foliages that were in the initial plan.
  2. I focus on the color palette not specific flower choices. This ties into the first point above. Focusing on making sure the design is within the color palette is another way to avoid price increases. It allows me to find florals that fit within the budget and that I know will be available when it is time to order.
  3. I use in-season and local blooms and foliages as much as possible for best results. As we know flowers and foliages are seasonal so if I am able to order what is in season within the color palette it will be more cost effective than importing specific blooms and foliages and paying additional for them because they are out of season and have to be sourced from other parts of the world. From a design perspective using local seasonal blooms and foliages will look the most natural and be the most visually appealing on the day of. Their quality is much better as well so they will look so fresh during the wedding day. The best part about ordering local blooms is myself and my clients get to support our local flower farmers which strengthens our local flower community so we can keep giving amazing product and designs to future clients!
Dusty lavender, lavender, light blue, and white flowers are arranged in a ground installation for a sweetheart table.

The above practices are what set my couples up for success every time, and it is why I can provide such quality service, design, and peace of mind to my clients. I cannot say it enough but trust in your vendor team. We will utilize our knowledge and experience so that our clients benefit from it the most. We want to set you up for success and see those big smiles on your faces when you get to see everything come together on the day of your wedding! If you are looking for a florist for your wedding please send me an inquiry! I would love to work with you to create your floral fantasy!

Spring bouquet with locally sourced flowers such as irises, poppies, coral bells, and phlox.

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