The Best Season: SPRING

April 13, 2021

Well, we did it! Seriously we did it. We survived our first COVID winter, and man, oh man, does it feel good to be through with it. I am excited not to be in the winter period for obvious reasons, but I am also excited because Spring is the best time of year. It is extra sweet this year from being shut indoors and not socializing like we want to. I couldn’t welcome the blooms popping up in yards fast enough. This time of year is the best time for flowers. Most of my favorite flowers are only available now, and let’s not forget the color! Vivid, saturated, glorious color is everywhere right now. I recently was thinking about how we tend to think of summer as the time for bright colors, but in reality, if you look at landscapes during the seasons, the time for bright color is in, you guessed it, Spring.

Floral arrangement with spring blooms in shade of medium to deep pink.

To have such luscious blooms, you also have to have rain. Rain is the biggest reason couples tend to avoid getting married in Spring, especially in early Spring, but I think that is a tragedy. Early Spring has some of my favorite flowers of the season. Personally, the best time to get married is actually in April. April is a month where we have a transition between varieties. In bloom are daffodils or narcissus (I mean, this name is so fitting. If I were one, I would be a narcissus too, lol), hellebore, hyacinth, ranunculus, pieris japonica, orchids, forsythia, bluebells, snowdrops, pansies, and the list goes on! Soon we will have tulips, fritillaria, quince, lilac, poppies, foxglove, allium, and so many more. These blooms add so much texture, color, and scent to arrangements.

Spring arrangement with tulips, lilies, and ranunculus in shades of pink and peach.

If you are a flower lover and flowers are a priority for your wedding, I encourage you to get married in Spring, and honestly, March or April are fantastic months to choose. Rain on your wedding day gives you so much to work with for photos, not to mention that it makes everything so vibrant in terms of colors. There is nothing more romantic than a wedding with a bit of rain. It feels so fresh, new, and full of energy, which Spring gives us every year. The renewal of energy bursting up from the earth in blooms and foliage in a rainbow of color. It is a sign of promise and commitment, much like a marriage between two individuals.

Pink floral arrangement with tulips, lilies, and ranunculus.

Of course, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to work with some beautiful blooms from our local flower farm. I don’t have many weddings this Spring due to COVID, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me! I wait all year for this season, so I need to take advantage of it. Featured in this arrangement are Columbus tulips (hey, hey 614!), hot pink ranunculus, and lilies in a peachy pink. It was my first time working with lilies, and they were beautiful! I need to add more of them to my work soon. I will show off more beautiful Spring blooms in the coming months, so make sure to follow my IG and look out for more of my ramblings here in the journal. I want to feature some of the narcissus in my yard because I am obsessed with them. What is one Spring bloom you are obsessed with? Tell me!

Tulips, ranunculus, and lilies in shades of medium to dark pink and peach.

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