2020 Recap: What a year!

December 15, 2020

This year has been full of challenges for us all. To say that I will miss this year would be a lie. In a lot of ways it has been one of the worst years of life as human beings. Everything we know and love has been changed or taken away from us but I can say that I feel grateful at the same time. Even though I would never wish a year like this on anyone even my own worst enemy 2020 was a year that I think many of us needed. I feel grateful because it forced me to step back and look at my life, my goals, and to learn to be patient. The biggest thing that got me through this year other than my beautiful family was flowers.

Flowers are something that connect us all in good times and in bad. I believe they show us promise and hope even in the darkest of times. I was honored to be apart of 7 couples loves stories this year and countless photoshoots with amazing vendors. I wanted to take the time to feature the amazing work I was able to create in hopes that it brings you a smile today. This post is part 1 as I have so much to share! I can never say thank you enough but this is my small appreciation for love, connection, and celebration in a year of adversity.

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